Scott Hagerman

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I'm the one on the right.


Welcome to the digital shell of Scott Hagerman my home on the web. I'm a Christian retired IT guy that loves God, his wife Lara and three kids. Other than computers and all things electronic, I enjoy photography and living in Western Montana.

What's with turtles &

AI generated turtle with laptop
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The whole turtle thing started a long time ago when my oldest child came home from 1st or 2nd grade with an art project. A turtle made of paper with a puffed up shell of crumpled paper. He told me he had made it for me so of course I stuck it on my office wall. I assured him that I loved turtles, unwittingly starting myself down a path of tons of turtle figurines. In the years that followed Christmas and birthdays did not come with the usual dad presents of aftershave and ties but turtles of all shapes and sizes. From plush stuffed turtles to turtles made of rocks glass and plastics. And not just my children, soon I was getting turtles from friends and family. I have even received turtles from other countries!

AI generated turtle with rocket
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Rather than fight this barrage of turtles I decided to embrace it and in 2002 I bought the domain Turtles are frequently depicted as easygoing, patient, and wise creatures, with a long lifespan, slow but steady movement, sturdiness, and wrinkled appearance. Well I'd like to be easygoing, patient, getting wiser every day. With three kids and a wonderful wife I hope to live a long life. I do tend to work in a slow and meticulous way. Measure twice, cut once is my motto and you'll beat the hare every time...OK, not every time, so I'm not always the fastest, but I try to make sure my time is well spent. As for the wrinkled appearance I guess I'm working on that day by day.

That explains the turtle part of this so what's with having a personal website when social media is everywhere. The simple answer is so I have a place to mess around with HTML and CSS the building blocks of the web. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy getting out and exploring Gods beautiful creation with my camera. However, I also feel the need to pound on the keyboard now and again. I hope you find my site entertaining and always remember... Jesus Loves You!